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Ben Stokes can return to ODI

Remember the 2019 World Cup warehouse? This was the first ODI World Cup for England when I started cricket in England itself, and the England team was getting away from the World Cup very consistently. The England team used to perform very well. But could not win the World Cup, but within 2019, he ended the wait for the World Cup entirely, and now he is the defending champion. He made an essential place in the final, and by winning the last, he won his title around the world. This time, when the 2023 World Cup is to be played inside India, the England team is returning to India fully prepared, and It is expected that she would like to continue her part in the championship, while Captain Joe Hospital also says that now very soon he would like to name this title.

Ben Stokes announced his complete retirement after the 2019 World Cup. He had said that he would no longer be seen playing inside ODIs, but now, coming inside 2023, his demand has increased again because England’s team needs him very much. Jos Butler has said that if Stokes stays with the England team, the team will look even more potent, so Stokes has said yes to it now, and he will be there in 2023.

Jos Buttler expressed his desire for Ben Stokes.

In the hospital, he constantly expressed his desire that if Ben Stokes returned to the England team, the England team would become even more potent, and this time, too, England would claim the World Cup, which is why Ben Stokes was being approached repeatedly. But Ben Stokes was not at all ready to accept that he could play in ODI again because he needed complete rest and he wanted to play Test cricket for England Captain of different colour ODI teams, Nehru and Ben Stokes staked claim to the captaincy of the England Test team.

Recently, England’s Moin Ali also retired from Test cricket, but on the repeated saying of Ben Stokes, he has grown up to play cricket, Raghu is ultimately seen playing for the England team, but due to this, England team looks like he doesn’t ask even more, and their spin attack is entirely dependent on Monali, so they want to keep Monali completely in their team. England’s team has a poor spinner at the moment. The one who can bowl more and is doing everything that the England team needs, so the England team needs Moin Ali the most and Moin Ali is constantly seen giving them good performances.

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