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Bad news for Netflix company, now Netflix will have to pay tax to the Indian government

The Indian government is about to start collecting tax from the live-streaming app Netflix because the way Netflix has dominated India for some time, it was kept tax-free here; it has any tax even during Corona. It was not taken, and therefore, the Government of India has decided that from the time this tax was stopped due to Coronavirus, now it has been said to implement this tax back. However, India still needs to take a taxi from Netflix. Because this live-streaming app was launched in India some time ago, it was kept tax-free in India till now, and it is not an Indian app; if it were an Indian, then it probably would not have been taxed.

Along with this, the Government of India will start collecting a tax from all the other foreign apps which have established their market very well inside India, and it will start with Netflix. According to the income, the Indian government or the Income Tax Department must pay tax because no such app is kept inside India without tax. As long as they kept it tax-free, it was good for them, and now It will be good for him in the coming time also, and he should file his taxes on time to the Government of India.

In the world of technology, Netflix has broken many records in India.

Netflix is an American app that has been seen continuously streaming live in India; all the web series in India and abroad are run on it, which is why its value has constantly been increasing. During the time of the virus, its highest value was very high; at that time, there was no live streaming app inside India; Hotstar, the only foreign company, was also continuously famous during the Coronavirus, and in this way, the way Netflix used Indian technology. Since then, it has been seen growing constantly, and on top of it, all the foreign programs are also shown; hence it has started its subscription plan inside India.

Netflix has continuously collected a lot of money from the Indian public under the subscription plan, and now the Government of India is also preparing to try hard for this; they have also entirely said that from now on, Netflix would start depositing its tax. Do it; otherwise, their app can be banned inside India, or in any way, they will not allow you to run in India; then, it would be better if Netflix keeps depositing its tax from time to time.

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