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After all, the police arrested Amritpal, who used to run a drug de-addiction center at home.

Amritpal Singh, who used to run a de-addiction center at his home and was being searched by the police for the crime of attacking the police station, was finally arrested by the Punjab police on Sunday morning. On March 18, 2023, the police laid a trap to stop him and started a raid to catch him in his village Jallupur Kheda, but the criminal escaped. Precisely 36 days after this incident, that criminal was arrested from Rode village of Moga.

Amritpal is accused of attacking the police station and rescuing one of his companions from the police station. Since this misdeed, the police have been following him, and after a long time, the criminal has been arrested today. He runs a drug de-addiction center in his village inside his fort-like house, where patients get free medicines and food.

When interrogated by the police, Amritpal proudly describes himself as a supporter of Khalistan, which is a separate country of Sikhs. Such statements of a criminal after being caught by the police are a great concern.

When asked what your purpose is, this answer came.

When Amritpal was asked this question, he said that I raise the issues of drugs and Punjab, and that’s why youth keep connecting with me. I present many ideas for the betterment of society, and people like those ideas very much, but it is not that it is only my idea after consulting with people. My main aim is to make Punjab a drug-free society. For this, I also run a drug de-addiction center in my home, where I give free food and medicines to all the patients who come, which is my target Getting rid of diseases like smoking.

Is it right to demand a separate country based on religion?

In a statement, Amritpal Singh said that our Guru had told us that we are neither Hindu nor Muslim. Idol worship is considered taboo within Sikhism, and the same is opposed, but if Hindus worship idols according to their religion, then we have no problem with that. Maharaja Ranjit Singh also built many such temples, but he never used to go and worship in those temples. There is no such rule among Hindus that they are stopped from going to Gurdwara, but Sikhism does not allow its followers to go to the temple. Let’s give Hindu boys also come to our de-addiction center not only for education but we do not refuse them. That is, we do not have any different views on religion. We look at everyone from the same point of view and have never discuss religion with anyone.

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