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After a long wait, the doors of Kedarnath opened today, the most famous Kedar Dham in the world.

Many people dream of visiting Kedarnath and have been waiting for the doors to open for a long time, and as soon as they learned that the doors were about to open for them, their happiness knew no bounds. However, the doors of Kedarnath remain entirely closed for six months because it is very cold here, and there is a lot of snowfall. Since then, the doors of Kedarnath have been closed, and it is closed to the people. Here only priests come to worship. Now the doors of Kedarnath were opened at 6:20 am on April 25. Jagatguru Bhim opened, and the government of Uttarakhand issued this heavy alert.

The snowfall will be very intense here, which was said to stop the devotees. However, the devotees reached here in huge quantities, and it has been said that almost today, i.e., on April 25, 8000 devotees will visit Kedarnath. Registration for Kedarnath Darshan had already started long ago. People were waiting for their turn, and now gradually, the number of people coming here will begin increasing, and more and more people will reach here. We will try our best to do it, although the government of Uttarakhand has now stopped all registrations till April 30.

Registration will start on April 30

The weather here is horrible, and there are full chances of heavy rains for the next seven to eight days. At the same time, the snowfall is also going to be very intense, due to which the government of Uttarakhand has taken this decision 30 The government has decided to start the registration only after April so that the devotees do not face any trouble. They can easily visit their Kedarnath and visit their Bholenath ji on April 27 after the doors of Kedarnath open. The portals of Badrinath will also be opened. Earlier on April 22, the portals of Gangotri and Yamunotri were opened, meaning that the Char Dham Yatra has started entirely. All four Dhams are about to open completely. Now just on April 27, as soon as the Dham of Badrinath opens, the journey of the four Dhams will start.

People always wait for the visit of Char Dham, now they will be able to enjoy it to the fullest and will be able to have darshan of their God. Complete preparations were made to open the doors of Kedarnath Dham from 5:00 am today and for the last two days. From here, preparations are going on to decorate Kedarnath Dham. Kedarnath Dham has been decorated with about 20 quintals of flowers, and it has taken two whole days to decorate them, during which the devotees pay their respects to their God with great devotion. They are expressing their reverence for Bholenath ji, and Kedarnath ji’s darshan has started. All the devotees are fulfilling their dream of coming here by getting their registration done, and now, after April 30, registration will begin.

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