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Adani stock value rises

The valuation of the shares of Adani Company has been increasing over the period of time. According to the latest update it is important to understand that the purchase of the Adani stocks has increased over the period of time and all of this has been because of the huge demand that the stocks are experiencing for the time being. The price has increased by 18% in the last 24 hours and this is the highest jump for the prices of the shares so far. Adani is already suffering a lot after an international organisation published a report that the company is accused of committing financial frauds and does not comply with the law that has been established by the securities and exchange board of India. The Supreme Court of India has also appointed A committee in order to investigate the complaint and also get an idea about the way in which the company functions. Entire transactions with the Offshore and onshore entities are being scrutinised in this regard.

The company is already facing charges of price manipulation and now the certain increase in the price has complicated the matters to a great extent. The company has supported this price hike with the help of its financial results and the results of the quarters which have been very profitable. Adani group has made the biggest disclosure with respect to all the upcoming projects and different partnerships it is entering into for the development of not only the domestic project but also the international projects. The panel is also investigating all the charges and nothing conclusive has been brought into consideration for the time being. The company has also been accused of money laundering but no conclusive evidence has been supported against the company so far. The supreme court panel has also ordered the Income Tax Department and the enforcement directorate to initiate an investigation into other transactions as soon as possible so as to get a clue.

But despite all of these complications the price of the company shares has been increasing. The people have been preparing to buy the shares. The recent board meeting has also made a declaration that the company will be amending it’s articles to offer dividend to the shareholders. But nothing constructive has taken place in this regard. This increase in the price is only adding to the net worth of the directors and the chief executive officer of the company. Many shareholders have been able to benefit to a great extent with the help of this increase in the share prices.

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